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I Hate You Too

I Hate You Too (web series)

Season 2 Episode 2


Allie and Kevin have the perfect entrepreneurial opportunity to fill their pockets with riches.



KEVIN - Kevin Blair

ALLIE - Allie Wessel

TWINK 1 - Brandon Rivera

TWINK 2 - Christopher Sylvie

COWORKER - Tafadzwa Diener

SHARK 1 - Jennifer Baffour

SHARK 2 - Herbert Harper Jr.

SHARK 3 - Oscar Mansky

TEEN SHARK - Emme Daigle


Co-Created by Kevin Blair and Allie Wessel

Directed/Edited by Zoey Danielson

Writers: Jenna Kappers, Kelsey Schmidt, Will Rupert, Emily Sekura

Head Writer: Allie Wessel

Production Designer: Halli Morgan

DP: Andrew Baker

Sound Tech: Andrew Ford

Production Manager: Becky Valek

Casting Director: Kevin Blair

I Hate You Too Productions



Redesign Your Life

Directed by: Anna Rose Il-Epstein

Written by: Hannah Il-Epstein 

Cast: Joette Waters*

Wanda Jin

Christopher Sylvie

Bear Cat Productions

48 Hour Film Project (2019)

*Local Awards
  • Best Film 2nd Place

  • Best Actress Joette Waters

  • Best Directing

  • Best Graphics

  • Best Use of Character

Honey (2019)

Directed by: George Ellzey

Written by: Jewells Santos and Lu Chen 

Cast: Christopher Sylvie as Hue

Dre Sampson as Honey

DePaul University MFA Student Short Film Project

Fin (2018)

Written by Lo Miles

Directed by Mille Rose

Barrens Theatre Company

Cast: Christopher Sylvie

Premiered at "Ghost Stories" New Play Festival

Kindred Wolves (2017)

Written & Directed by Paul William Brennan


Cast: Rafael Hernandez, Rob Han, and Christopher Sylvie

Independent Production

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